Demonstration competition (June 16, 2012)

Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin demonstrated GesturePack Jeffrey Margolis, Isabelle Guyon, Alex Kipman, Laura Massey


Biswas Prakash Ishwar, Janusz Konrad, Kam Lai

Fernando Cem
Ilaria Gori
Vassilis Athitsos

Fernando de la Torre, Cem Keskin Ilaria Gori Vassilis Athitsos

Gabriele Fanelli

Chris McCormick, Bill Nagel Gabriele Fanelli

MS team

Laura Massey, Alex Kipman, Jeffrey Margolis Fernando de la Torre and Ali Bigdelou

Biswas, Eray Berger

Kam Lai

Cem Keskin, Eray Berger Kam Lai

Victor Eruhimov

Victor Eruhimov Jeffrey Cohn, Gabriele Fanelli, Alex Balan Pat Jangyodsuk

Ilaria Sean

Laura Massey, Mitchell Dernis, Vladimir Tankovich, Jeffrey Margolis, Alex Balan Ilaria Gori, Sean Ryan Fanello

The goal of the competition was to demonstrate applications of gesture recognition with KinectTM.

The entries were judged by a panel of experts, who graded them according to pre-defined criteria:

  1. relevance (an application of gesture recognition using KinectTM NOT limited to one-shot-learning like the gesture challenge),
  2. usefulness (or, if it is a game, playfulness),
  3. technical or scientific contribution,
  4. novelty/originality, and
  5. quality of implementation.

First prize: USD 5000,

Second prize: USD 3000,

Third prize: USD 2000.

The prizes are donated by Microsoft (see the rules for the "qualitative evaluation" of the gesture challenge). To earn prizes, the participants had to use a KinectTM device and the Microsoft SDK. Microsoft may also offer to license the technology of the winners for up to USD 100,000.

The call for competition is closed. But, we are doing it again at ICPR 2012, deadline for proposals October 1st.

Accepted demonstrations

1 . Customizable Gesturing Interface for the Operating Room using Kinect [Summary][Video1][Video2][Slides][Poster][Feedback form]

Ali Bigdelou, Tobias Benz, Loren Schwarz, Nassir Navab

Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany

2 . A Unified Framework for Concurrent Usage of Hand Gesture, Shape and Pose [Summary][Demo Slides][Poster][Feedback form] [1st prize winners][News article][YouTube video1][YouTube video2]

Cem Keskin1, Eray Berger2 and Lale Akarun1

1 Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department, Istanbul, Turkey

2 Sigma Resarch and Development, Istanbul, Turkey

3 . Virtual Boutique: customizable gesture recognition with Kinect Sensor [Summary][Feedback form] [canceled]

Di Wu, Fan Zhu, Ling Shao

The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

4 . GesturePack Gesture Recording and Recognition [Summary][Video][Free interactive demo][Poster][Feedback form]

Carl Franklin

Franklin's Net, New London, CT

5 . All Gestures you Can: a Memory Game [Summary][Video][Slides][Poster][Feedback form] [2nd prize winners]

Ilaria Gori, Sean Ryan Fanello, Giorgio Metta, Francesca Odone

Department of Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy

6 . A Flexible Gesture-Based User Interface for Information Displays [Summary][Slides][Demo slides][Poster][Feedback form]

Kam Lai, Janusz Konrad, Prakash Ishwar

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University, Massachusetts, USA

7 . Gesture Recognition using Microsoft Kinect® [Summary][Slides][Poster][Feedback form]

K K Biswas1, Saurav kr Basu2

1 Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

2 Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India

8 . Finger Gesture Recognition with Microsoft Kinect and

CogniMem CM1K Pattern Matching Chip [Summary][Video][Slides][Poster][Feedback form]

Chris McCormick, Bill Nagel, Avinash Pandey

CogniMem Technologies Inc., Folsom, California, USA

9 . Real-time Kinect Head Pose Estimation [Summary][Video][Slides][Poster][Feedback form] [3rd prize winners]

Gabriele Fanelli, Juergen Gall, Luc Van Gool

Computer Vision Laboratory, ETH Zuerich, Switzerland


There is no registration fee.


The contest was held in the West Lobby of the Rhode Island Convention Center.

In black we show the assignment of group number to the tables.


10 am-11 am: Demonstration set up.

11 am-1 pm: Preview of the posters and demonstrations by the organizers and the committee.

1 pm-3 pm: Talks by the presenters.

3 pm-5 pm: Review of the posters and demonstrations by the committee and the public.

5 pm-6 pm: Deliberation of the committee.

7 pm: Dinner (sponsored by Pascal2 and Microsoft).

MS dinner

Committee (Judges)

Jeffrey Cohn, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Mitchell Dernis, Microsoft

Victor Eruhimov, ItSeez, Novgorod, Russia

Leonid Sigal, Disney Research & CMU, Pennsylvania, USA

Vladimir Tankovich, Microsoft

Fernando de la Torre, CMU, Pennsylvania, USA

Workshop chairs

Isabelle Guyon, Clopinet, Berkeley, California

Vassilis Athitsos, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA

Alex Kipman, Microsoft, Redmond, Washington, USA