Preprocessed data

STIP features

We provide Space Time Interest point features, computed with Ivan Laptev's code. The STIP code is available for free use for research and development activities, including entering the gesture challenge and competing for prizes. If you use these features and publish your work, please give credit to the authors by citing their papers [Laptev, IJCV 2005], [Laptev et al. CVPR 2008]. For product commercialization, including licensing code to Microsoft, please contact Ivan Laptev at INRIA. The Matlab code provided by Ivan Laptev to display the features and compute a Bag of Features representation was incorporated to our sample code.

Format: Each zip archive contains the STIP features for depth and RGB videos of a given batch, matching the video numbering of the raw data.

Download from University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Download from ETH Zuerich, Switzerland