Sample code

We provide sample MatlabTM code to:

    • Browse through the data
    • Create a recognizer and use the data to train and test it
    • Prepare your submissions

We also provide examples of computer vision algorithms, which can be used to process videos. To cite the Principal Motion baseline method:

Principal motion: PCA-based reconstruction of motion histograms

Hugo Jair Escalante and Isabelle Guyon. Technical Memorandum, June 2012.

DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE CODE [latest version, June 16, 2012] [Older version]


A few cool stuff you can do with the sample code...

Render the depth image in color (not useful but pretty) Remove the background of the depth image

Color depth
No background

Compute gradients Locate the head, dominant hand and shoulders

Body Parts

Compute a map of average motion energy ... ... and one of motion history (color index increases with time)

Motion Average

Compute principal components (PC) of motion ... ... and derive a PC feature representation

Principal morion
PC features

Extra the body skeleton Compute a bag of STIP features


Perform dynamic time warping ... ... and derive automatically temporal segmentation points

tempo segment